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Ghibli Shares Mix for a Canadian LGBTQ Prom, Open Letter Addressing Orlando Tragedy

"i cry every time i see people holding vigils or marching or coming together irl over the attack."

by Max Mertens
Jun 15 2016, 2:40pm

Photo by Skye Oleson-Cormack, courtesy of Ghibli's Facebook

Located a few hours away from Toronto, Owen Sound is a small city in southwestern Ontario, with an average population of less than 22,000. This week they're hosting multiple Pride events, including the first prom night for LGBTQ youth, with the Grey Bruce Pride organizers reaching out to Toronto collective Bedroomer to provide music. Yesterday, Edmonton-based producer Ghibli (aka Thomas Michael) shared their mix, 27 minutes of pop-leaning selections including songs by Enur, Fifth Harmony, Pia Mia, and more.

The Manicure Records founder also wrote a heartfelt accompanying open letter (which you can read in full here) weighing in on the recent Orlando shooting:

"i cry every time i see people holding vigils or marching or coming together irl over the attack. i cried when my supervisor texted me unprompted that if i wanted to take any time off because of the shooting she totally understands, because i cry every time i see someone generally understands and acknowledges the pain of existing under this crushing fucked up society that were only just now starting to fully understand on a large scale how fundamentally fucked up it is, and who still has the strength to do something about it. i cry thinking about how thankful I am to have made it this far, where my identity is something my friends and family are starting to accept and understand, and for the first time ever in my own life there are acquaintances or relative strangers who are totally welcoming and accepting of who i am."

Listen to the mix below, and read Steve Weinstein's recent personal essay about the importance of nightclubs to the LGBTQ community.

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