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Matt Harvey in Doubt for Opening Day Start with Mystery Ailment

Here we go again.

by Sean Newell
Mar 28 2016, 9:40pm

Matt Harvey missed a mandatory road game today to visit a doctor for an "unspecified medical issue," and the Mets announced that they are scratching Matt Harvey from his scheduled start tomorrow. They further indicated that he might not be able to pitch on Opening Day. Terry Collins said just 10 days ago that Harvey would be his guy for Opening Day and now, well, he might already be dead for all we know.

The Mets have been very clear that Harvey is not suffering any elbow or orthopedic issues, and a lot of very jittery baseball fans certainly hope that's the case. This was going to be the year Harvey was finally going to be pitching without any innings limits or pitch count restrictions, after last year's morass of rules and ceilings and counter-rules. This is where I drop this image of prior organizational statements of player injuries.

The Mets are being weirdly cryptic about the whole affair, saying that while it is "not major" [looks cautiously up at graphic], that they are not at liberty to discuss what is currently ailing their ace.

So we don't know the ailment, but there are tests. There are always tests.

[Is now staring daggers into graphic above.]

But, still, it could be something temporary, right? Maybe the Mets could voluntarily float that maaaaybe Matt had too much sauce the night before and they thought he was hungover—you never know with this guy, right?—before deciding it was actually a legitimate issue?

Ah, that's the stuff. If you recall, there was a minor panic at the beginning of the playoffs last season because Harvey missed a mandatory workout at Citi Field because of traffic. Obviously, the New York tabs had reports that he was out boozing the night before and overslept. Whatever's going on, at least we can safely assume, as always, that we know more than the Mets.