Global EDM DJs Have "Some Interest" In MLS Investments

Don Garber's son David told us he once took his dad to Output— an image that will power us through the dark times ahead.

by Aaron Gordon
Nov 4 2016, 3:45pm

At the University of Michigan Sports Business Conference, MLS Commissioner Don Garber said that he has had "some interest" from "top global EDM DJs" about investing in MLS teams.

There's not a whole lot of detail here, so to get more info, I gchatted with Garber's son, David, who writes for VICE's THUMP, our electronic music and culture channel.

For you conspiracy theorists out there, David said he had "no idea" about this when I sent him the link to the above tweet—he did, however, point out that Diplo led a group of investors in purchasing a minority stake in the USL club Arizona United—and that "I keep telling him not to say EDM..."

(For those curious, David also explained his EDM label pet peeve: "Well its just a big umbrella to loop all electronic music under and usually applies to the more mainstream david guetta-ish stuff. but if someone was to buy a team its prob one of those guys so maybe it's fitting actually.")

When I asked David if he feels he may have influenced his dad's interest in partnering with DJs, he replied "ahahaha" before adding "i mean i did take him to Output a couple times..." to see Gilles Peterson.

The thought of Don Garber at Output will power me through the dark times ahead.