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This Holiday Season, Remember the Power of Friendship and the Mandem with This Drake and Weeknd Exchange

An honest talk between the kings of Toronto, with absolutely no shade whatsoever.

by Noisey Staff Canada
Nov 25 2016, 5:10pm

The Weeknd's Starboy album just came out, and it's a welcome expansion of Abel Tesfaye's coked-out grace with disco and new wave. Among those congratulating Tesfaye was none other than Drake, who dedicated a full post on his Instagram to the album release. Even though the history between the two has been rocky, Tesfaye salutes Drake in return. 

It's a heartwarming Torontonian moment comparable to when you and the mandem/squad/bahds head to Apache Burger near Kipling Station after a long night of downing $9 craft beer while watching a band that sounds like shitty Best Coast play to 50 people in a cramped downtown bar. That or the satisfying wift of overripe bananas and the sound of poorly behaved children being disciplined at the No Frills inside the Malvern Town Centre. Let it be known, no conflict is too big or bitter enough for two Canadians to pass up an opportunity to be stiflingly polite to each other.

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