Best of VICE Canada Debuts Tonight on City

Tune in tonight at 10 pm for "The New Era of Canadian Sex Work" and "The Cash Crop."

Jan 3 2016, 5:52pm

You could be this happy watching this documentary. Still from The Cash Crop

Sunday nights are perfect for sitting on the couch: you've finally recovered from a weekend of overindulgence, and the sheer terror of the week ahead hasn't yet set in. What better time to fill your head with groundbreaking and provocative documentaries about drugs, sex, politics, and Canadian culture?

Starting tonight, City will be airing some of our Canadian docs and news reports under the banner Best of VICE Canada, beginning with "The New Era of Canadian Sex Work" and "Canadian Cannabis: The Cash Crop."

For "The New Era of Canadian Sex Work," we sent Lowell, a pop singer and former stripper, to meet with policy makers and police to discuss the controversial C-36, which criminalizes johns who patronize sex workers. Lowell also went down to Nevada to see how a regulated, legal sex industry functions, and met with a john to get his perspective.

In "The Cash Crop," Canadian Cannabis host and medical marijuana user (not to mention Fucked Up frontman) Damian Abraham headed to Vancouver and Denver to compare the grey market of dispensaries in British Columbia to Denver's regulated legal weed economy—an investigation that offers insight into the possible outcomes of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's promise of legalization.

Tune in tonight and every Sunday at 10 PM for more.

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