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Rejoice, Here's a Nihilistic Love Song from PUP’s Death-Obsessed New LP

It's the first single from the Toronto punks' third studio album, 'Morbid Stuff,' due out April 5.

by Alex Robert Ross
Jan 15 2019, 4:52pm

Toronto punks PUP confirmed last week, via a zine issued to fans, that their third LP, Morbid Stuff, would be out April 5. They also sent out physical copies of a single called "Kids," but most of us mere mortals didn't have access to it until this morning, when the song hit streaming services. It's raucous and death-obsessed and silly all at once, packed with chant-along vocals and spindly riffs. "'Kids' is a love song from one nihilistic depressive to another," singer-guitarist Stefan Babcock said of the song in a statement. "It's about what happens when you stumble across the only other person on the face of this godless, desolate planet that thinks everything is as twisted and as fucked up as you do. And thanks to them, the world starts to seem just a little less bleak. But only slightly—it's still pretty fucked up to be honest."

Listen to "Kids" below.

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