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Logic Allegedly Faked Being a Teen to Avoid Paying for a Music Video Shoot

"He’s so scrawny, I mistook for him as high school student,” says Carolina Salguero, who operates the oil tanker Logic shot the video on.

by Phil Witmer
Jan 29 2018, 8:17pm


Logic is currently having a moment, which is remarkable because he's a huge gamer and also famously said he doesn't fuck with anyone. He's performed his suicide prevention song "1-800-273-8255" at every major awards ceremony, including the Grammys, and seems to genuinely believe in the progressive causes he rides for. However, not all our champions are perfect.

A report by IndieWire claims that Logic circumvented the costs of shooting the video for his 2016 song "Super Mario World" by pretending to be a high school student doing a summer project. The story is this: Logic shot part of the video on the Mary A. Whalen, an oil tanker moored at Red Hook, Brooklyn that's managed as a non-profit by Carolina Salguero. Salguero told IndieWire that Logic and his camp reached out to her saying they were students at Glen Cove High School and wanted to shoot a project on the tanker for their class. Salguero, who apparently gets requests like this all the time, obliged and let them do so for free. There was also the fact that the 28-year-old Logic fooled her in terms of appearance:

“I looked at Logic; he’s so scrawny, I mistook for him as high school student,” said Salguero. “I thought the videographer was his dad, graying hair at the temples, and his friend was dressed in the [beat-up] Super Mario costume – I was busy and trusted I was helping high school students.”

Ah, the merits of being a babyfaced nerd. I can relate.

The IndieWire report says that the actual cost for shooting on the Mary A. Whalen is around $10,000 per day. Logic is signed to major label Def Jam and the "Super Mario World" video has over 10 million views as of this writing, so it's one hell of a finesse on his part if this is true. Definitely scummy, but also crafty in many aspects. Salguero found out about Logic's true identity from a friend's son shortly after the video was released and was rightfully pissed. She says she's been in negotiations with his team ever since and called them out on Twitter this past December:

To date, Logic's camp reportedly still hasn't compensated Salguero for the fees due, and Salguero told IndieWire that she's continually embarrassed by her mistake and that "she would never have agreed to appear in a famous rapper’s music video, and cringes at the thought of millions of people watching her dance." You can read the full report here and watch the relevant video, which does indeed feature Mario, below.

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