Cleveland's Rob Refsnyder Hits a Double Directly into Tiny-Ass Hole in the Wall

The Indians outfielder may have just qualified for The Masters.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Mar 23 2018, 6:37pm

There was something in the air about insane improbability yesterday. First, it was the craziest last-second ending to a basketball game you've ever seen. Then, it was a hockey own goal that couldn't get any more impossible or bizarre. And then some batshit, against-all-odds Spring Training sorcery went down.

Rob Refsnyder was up at bat in a whimsically built stadium in Goodyear, Arizona, when he smoked a ball deep into dead-center. In fact, it was so dead center, that he made some kind of carnival game shot into a tiny-ass hole:

The whole thing would have felt a lot more rewarding if they gave the man a homer—a 410-foot homer, to be precise. Even if he did just get a measly double out of the deal, he at least should have been given a giant carnival bear of sorts.

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