Infected, Part 2: Is Canada Ready for the Next Pandemic?

How is Canada preparing in the event a deadly super flu pandemic shows up on our doorsteps? Find out in the second episode of Infected.

by VICE Staff
Feb 1 2016, 9:04pm

VICE finds out how everyday people and the Canadian government are getting ready for the next pandemic.

In part two of INFECTED, VICE meets with preppers Robert Studer of Survival Central, and Bruce Beach of Ark2, one of the largest manmade underground bunkers in the world, to see how they're getting ready for what could be the next super-flu pandemic. We also meet Dr. Camille Lemieux from Infection Prevention and Control Canada to find out how Canada is preparing in the event a deadly pandemic shows up on our doorsteps.

This video has been made possible by Ubisoft and Tom Clancy's The Division.

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