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Touring Regent Park with Mustafa the Poet

Mustafa isn't even 20 yet, but he's already getting props from Margaret Atwood. We asked him why he does spoken word instead of rap, and how Regent Park is changing, while scoping out the neighbourhood.

by VICE Staff
Jun 13 2014, 10:58am

If you haven't heard of Mustafa the Poet, you probably haven't turned on a radio or a television in Canada since early 2012. Aside from his fairly frequent guest spots on the CBC, we were immediately attracted to Mustafa's intense delivery, honesty, and connection to his neighbourhood: Regent Park. Our poetic friend isn't even 20 yet, but he's already attracted compliments from Margaret Atwood for his incredible spoken word talent. We sent Jahmal Padmore, the host of our new show The Margin, out to Regent Park to chop it up with Mustafa about where he grew up, his craft, and why he doesn't rap.

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