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Watch Safia Nolin's Nature-Filled, Person-less "Technicolor" Video

This is the most icebergs that have ever been in a music video not related to 'Titanic.'

by Matt Joycey
Aug 25 2016, 5:21pm

Photo courtesy of Bonsound

"Technicolor" is Safia Nolin’s latest single off her 2015 debut album Limoilou. The 23-year-old self-taught singer songwriter from Quebec City has been making waves on the Quebec folk scene this past year opening shows for Louis Jean Cormier and winning the Felix Leclerc prize at this year's FrancoFolies Festival. Her latest song deals with death and loss and features a creeping repetitive guitar riff coupled with a haunting electro soundscape. Over the course of a seven-day trip, director Mael Demarcy Arnaud and drone operator Guillaume Beaudoin trekked across Newfoundland’s rugged terrain and breathtaking coasts. They were on the hunt for icebergs and stunning deserted landscapes, which make up the perspective-deforming shots in the latest video produced by Montreal-based company DAVAI.

"Safia didn’t want to have any actors in this videoclip and was interested in a non-narrative approach to the storytelling," explains the video's director, Mael Demarcy. "We had to find a way to transcend the emotion of the song, which tackles the concept of death, with the most striking landscapes we could find. Through a collective effort, we thought of the most scenic and raw places Canada had to offer and we finally chose Newfoundland and Labrador for the immense diversity of natural habitats it had to offer–British Columbia came in at a close second." Watch the "Technicolor" video below.

Matt Joycey is a writer and photographer living in Montreal. Follow him on Twitter.

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