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Watch Arca and Jesse Kanda's Latest: "Sad Bitch"

A slowly gyrating body slowly becomes covered in barnacle-like boils.

by Michelle Lhooq
Apr 16 2015, 4:35pm

Arca's latest collaboration with his visual accomplice Jesse Kanda just dropped—and it's magnificent and horrifying at the same time. In this video for "Sad Bitch," off Arca's debut album Xen, red flashes of light erupt from a slowly gyrating body, which slowly becomes covered in barnacle-like boils. If, like me, you get abnormally squeamish at the sight of skin diseases (trypophobia is so much fun!), this is going to be a hard watch. But like most of Arca's videos with Kanda, you just can't tear your gaze away.

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