Thomas White and Dead Horse Beats Will Have You Tweeting Sweet Nothings with "Love Somebody"

Our Montreal favourites collaborate to produce a passionate blend.

by Ziad Ramley
Aug 5 2014, 9:40pm

If "Love Somebody" was played in the elevator of my hotel in Doha, I would never go to my room. If "Love Somebody" was played in my Algerian cab driver's car, I would ask him to take the scenic route while I wistfully look at old selfies. If "Love Somebody" was played during a job interview, I would... do my best to ace it because I'm a responsible adult.

RAW Records co-founder Thomas White has come along way since his dubstep shows at Le Belmont in Montreal. His latest collaboration with THUMP favourite Dead Horse Beats is a bright, passionate blend of jazz riffs and the better Unicorn Kid chords. It isn't a 'summer tune,' it's a 'take your girl to the top of Mount Royal, hold her tight, then go home and watch the first Pokemon movie until you fall asleep tune' and before you ask, yes, it's that good.

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