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Relive Bud Light Digital Dreams: Episode One

We linked up with TJR, Dyro and Dash Berlin when the sun was out by Lake Ontario.

by THUMP Canada Staff
Jul 24 2014, 11:00pm

Festival season is halfway through and Bud Light Digital Dreams was the first to welcome summer to Toronto. As most of the world knows, we spend the majority of the year in igloos or hibernating during the fierce Canadian winters. If you give any Canadian the opportunity to party in the summer, they'll take it faster than you can say "toque."

Toronto's thriving music scene is comprised of everything from underground techno to big room house, and the lineup this year was curated to reflect that. The two-day event welcomed over 80,000 fans to the biggest stage in Canadian history, with headlining acts such as Justice, NERVO, Flux Pavilion, and TJR. Most exciting to the thousands of trance fans was the addition of a fourth stage right by the waterfront, dedicated solely to the genre on day one.

In the first episode of THUMP Canada's Digital Dreams recap, we linked up with TJR, Dyro and Dash Berlin to find out about their personal experiences with the city. Many local acts got their time in the spotlight and trance DJs Saad Ayub and Baranov opened up about their growing audiences and how their stage was made possible.

Sit back and enjoy our day one recap of Bud Light Digital Dreams, brought to you as the first in our new series, THUMP reLIVING.

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