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SOPHIE Joins Massive NYC Performance Art Team to Co-Score a Piece on Authority

Musicians also include Caroline Polachek, Dev Hynes, Dan Deacon, Pictureplane, among others.

by Michael Scott Barron
Apr 4 2016, 1:15pm

Photo courtesy of Authority Figure

Some of New York's biggest artists are teaming up to create a large-scale performance piece that will take place in May.

According to The FADER, Otion Front founder Monica Mirabile and co-partner Sarah Kinlaw are creating a performance piece that investigates authority or, in their words, "a massive choreography of obedient relationships." Authority Figure will be a grand scale production that will take place at the Knockdown Center in Queens and will feature over a hundred performances, dozens of choreographers and installations artists, and contributions by a troupe of musicians including by SOPHIE, Caroline Palochek, Dev Hynes, Dan Deacon, Pictureplane, Hot Sugar, Eartheater, and Ian Drennan.

"Everyone's relationship to authority is layered and complex," Mirabile and Kinlaw told The FADER over email. "Whether we are children, employers, bitches, cops and/or lovers, we have to deal with our relationships to obedience. Obedience and authority exist on a spectrum, we fluctuate between agency and insecurity on the daily."

If all this wasn't enticing enough, the Mirabile and Kinlaw have added that they "hope to add more women so HOLLER if there are any female producers out there that feel emotionally affected by obedience (lol we know u do ;))." Hit them up if that describes you.

Otherwise, you can find more info and tickets here.

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