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A Vintage 1960s Turntable Deck Is Being Sold on eBay

For £4199.00 ($5931.09) a fully customized quad stereo console can be yours.

by Michael Scott Barron
Apr 10 2016, 7:00pm

Photo courtesy of eBay user custom-audio-visual

If you're a DJ gear enthusiast and have the money to feed your collection, you might want to consider the mid-20th century turntable rig now being auctioned on eBay.

As Mixmag points out, a "Vintage Quad Stereo DJ Console Garrard 301" with a "Quad 303 & Quad 33 Rotary mixer airedale" are being sold at a price of £4199.00 ($5931.09) by an Essex-based merchant who writes: "This console is from the sixties and all fully works, may need a service as has been in storage for a while. The build of this custom console is to very high standard therefore this sale is intended for the console to be sold as is / whole / unaltered and Collection Only."

Though the seller would prefer to part with deck as a complete set, he adds: "if you are, however, interested in purchasing a particular component in this listing please feel free to send a message."

The parts themselves sound as though they belong in a museum, especially the Garrard 301 oil bearing turntables that are the centerpiece of the auction. The console also includes Wharfdale Airedale speakers, a Quad 303 power amplifier, and its companion, a Quad 33 preamp, a rotary control vintage mixer, and pdfs of the manual and specs.

The sale is ongoing for the next 24 hours. More images of the rig are available on the auction page.