Hear Dave Clarke's Surprisingly Slinky Remixes Of Jon Gurd

The Baron of Techno gives "Promised" the Baron of Techno treatment.

Oct 2 2015, 3:49pm

Dubbed the "Baron of Techno" by none other than legendary UK broadcaster John Peel, Dave Clarke is known for his tough-as-nails tracks, and equally uncompromising, at-times antagonistic online persona—quick to call out easy EDM targets, but also plenty of his presumed peers, including Scuba and Dubfire. So has the combative Clarke cooled off the the remix front? Not at all. His rework of UK producer Jon Gurd's new tune "Promised" still thunders like a heard of rhinos programming an 808, but the squiggly acid line and chipper hi-hats give things a little wiggle, where Gurd's original is pure plod (though not in a bad way).

The original and remix are two-fifths of Gurd's new EP on Derelicht, Birth Right EP, his first release in two years. The fiver includes two more originals, "Tomorrow Is" and "To No One" (together the track titles are meant to spell out Tomorrow Is-Promised-To No One), as well as a remix of the final tune by Ancestral Voices.

Clarke's remix also soundtracks the preview video for the EP, created by artist Keiran Buchanan, who described the minimal mechanical aesthetic of the clip as, "a distant memory of defunct machinery with interruption and abstract distortion emanating a feeling of being locked in a mechanical loop or recurring dream." Watch the video and stream the EP below; order it here.