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Trump calls asylum agreement with Australia a "dumb deal," violent protests cause cancelation of Milo Yiannopoulos speech at Berkeley, Beyoncé pregnancy photo most liked ever on Instagram, and more.

by VICE Staff
Feb 2 2017, 3:51pm

Photographer by Pete Marovich/Pool via Bloomberg

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US News

Trump Calls Asylum Agreement with Australia a 'Dumb Deal'
President Trump on Wednesday criticized an agreement made by the Obama administration to accept 1,250 asylum seekers from Australia, calling it a "dumb deal" in a late night tweet. The social media offering followed a reportedly hostile conversation between Trump and Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull over the agreement. At least one recent call with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto also went badly, according to anonymous officials.—The Washington Post

Michael Flynn Says US Putting Iran 'On Notice'
National Security Advisor Michael Flynn said Wednesday the Trump administration was "officially putting Iran on notice." Speaking in the White House briefing room, the former general condemned Iran's backing of Houthi rebels in Yemen, who have attacked a coalition led by US ally Saudi Arabia. He also described a recent ballistic missile launch as "provocative."—CNN

Violent Protests Cause Cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulos Speech at Berkeley
An event set to feature alt-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California, Berkeley, was canceled after protests on campus turned ugly. A door window was smashed and a blaze was started by a firebomb that ignited a spotlight. The university blamed "about 150 masked agitators" for interrupting an "otherwise nonviolent" protest.—NBC News

Joe Biden Backs Tom Perez to Lead the DNC
Former vice president Joe Biden has endorsed Tom Perez to become the next chair of the Democratic National Committee. Biden said the former labor secretary is a "man of integrity and vision" and the "best bet to help bring the party back." Perez is locked is a battle with Representative Keith Ellison to lead the DNC, with Ellison backed by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.—The Hill

International News

Duterte Wants Philippine Military to Join His War on Drugs, May 'Kill More'
Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has said he plans on issuing an executive order to direct the military to join his brutal war on drugs. Earlier this week, Duterte suspended a police campaign on drug dealers and users while internal corruption is investigated, but has since made clear he wants the crackdown to continue apace.—Reuters

Turkish Airstrikes in Syria Kill 51 ISIS Fighters
The Turkish military says it has killed 51 ISIS militants in airstrikes in northern Syria. Warplanes bombed and destroyed 85 targets in the ISIS-held areas of al Bab, Tadif, Kabbasin and Bzagah, according to the military, as part of the "Euphrates Shield" operation to clear ISIS from the Turkish-Syrian border.—Sky News

Romanians Protest Government Corruption Decree
Tens of thousands of Romanians protested on the streets of the capital Bucharest late Wednesday, as anger mounts over a government decree that could decriminalize corruption offenses and free officials and magistrates jailed for graft. Police used tear gas after some protesters threw smoke bombs and firecrackers.—BBC News

Majority Want Fillon to Quit French Presidential Race
A new poll found that 69 percent of the French public want conservative François Fillon to pull out of the presidential race following allegations he paid his wife Penelope for a "fake job." Although Fillon had been the favorite to win before the scandal emerged, a separate national poll now shows centrist Emmanuel Macron as the frontrunner.—Reuters

Everything Else

Beyoncé Pregnancy Photo Most Liked Ever on Instagram
Beyoncé's photo announcement that she is pregnant with twins has become the most liked Instagram post of all time. With more than 8 million likes, it tops a sponsored Selena Gomez post about Coca-Cola.—Noisey

Trump Takes Hair Growth Drug, Says Doctor
Dr. Harold Bornstein, a physician used by President Trump, said he takes prostate-related drug finasteride to boost hair growth. Dr. Bornstein also said Trump takes antibiotics for the skin condition rosacea and a statin for blood cholesterol.—The New York Times

Jonny Greenwood to Score Paul Thomas Anderson Movie
Radiohead guitarist and composer Jonny Greenwood will score Paul Thomas Anderson's next feature, set in the fashion world of 1950s London. The movie, using the working title Phantom Thread, will be their fourth film collaboration.—The Playlist

'Serial' Team to Release New Spin-Off Podcast
The team behind the award-winning Serial podcast is to release a new spin-off series called S-Town in March, focusing on a murder in rural Alabama. It will feature a new host and unlike Serial, all episodes will be available at once.—Esquire

NYC Bodega Owners to Strike Against Immigration Ban
Nearly 1,000 Yemeni American grocery store owners in New York City will shut from 12 PM until 8 PM today in protest against President Trump's immigration restriction order. Organizers will hold a public protest outside of Brooklyn's Borough Hall.—VICE

Researchers Develop AI Wearable for Socially Anxious
Researchers at MIT have developed a product to help those with social anxiety disorder or Asperger's manage their communication with others. It helps determine the mood of a conversation based on speech patterns and physiological information.—Motherboard