Grayson Allen Says He Doesn't Look Like Ted Cruz, Is Only Person Alive Who Thinks So

And he might be the only one.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Mar 21 2016, 1:57pm

Oh man. Oh man, oh man, oh man. You guys, you guys, you guys... Oh, just you wait til you get a load of this. Hooo! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhahahaha! Sorry, sorry. Hold on. Give me a couple of seconds to pull myself together. Ahaahaha. Ok. I'm ok, I'm ok. Whew! So get this: Duke's Grayson Allen doesn't think he looks like Ted Cruz. I know, I know. And the best part? He knows so because he asked his parents and they don't see it either. Ok, now it's your turn to laugh.

Raleigh reporter Laura Keeley talked to the insufferable Duke guard, and took down the quotes, but I can't imagine how she wrote it down while laughing as hard as she must have been. I mean, that's like Homer Bailey saying that he doesn't get the Christian Bale comparisons, like Kevin De Bruyne saying he's never heard of Prince Harry. Shit, that's like Pau Gasol saying he doesn't get the Geico neanderthal thing.

Just check this out:

Oh lord have mercy. After miserably watching your bracket get torn to shreds, it just feels so good to laugh again.


It seems that WNCN reporter David Hurst talked to Grayson, and got him to open up about it:

Grayson Allen says he doesn't think he looks like Ted Cruz: "The only person I think I look like is my dad."
— David Hurst (@DHurstWNCN) March 19, 2016

Despite his bad rap, Allen seems to be handling it all like a champ, innocently saying that he looks like his dad instead. He's just a kid, sure. A serial tripper. But still a kid.

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