Kobe Bryant

This Kobe Shirt Doesn't Make Any Goddamned Sense

Please stop the madness.

by Sean Newell
Apr 8 2016, 9:10pm

Outside of Matthew Dellavedova, the whole numbers-as-letters marketing fetish is the worst thing to ever happen to sports. First, Nike used the number 2 to stand in for the "s" in "Respect" for a Derek Jeter campaign. Then they used 2 as a substitute for an "e" in their preposterous "Striv2 for GreatnEss" shirt for LeBron. Now we've got a Lakers shirt that uses a 2 as a fucking "L." An "L."

Honestly, on what planet do those two characters even remotely resemble each other? That's a trick question because there is no way a planet could both exist and support life capable of understanding this shirt (which costs, apparently, $L4.99). And why, for the love of God, did this have to happen at 4 PM on a Friday. I was so close to making it through this week mentally stable and intact and then along comes TWOegendFOURry like some coked up Kool-Aid Man crashing through my wall. Please stop doing this—even Rovell thinks it's questionable.

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