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WISE’s “Bouncin” Is An Exercise In Strategic And Colourful Collaboration

This track is for anyone who puts in work all week just to stunt on the weekends

by Dean Rosen
Apr 6 2017, 2:41pm

Photo by Dom Lisi

Handling your own production is often a point of pride for rappers. It adds a degree of distinguishment, showing further musical proficiency and self-sufficiency than the average artist. But being too stubborn to recognize the merit in collaboration can also hold an artist back — a notion that Toronto rapper WISE understands. Over the past few years, WISE built a modest following on Soundcloud rapping over his own beats. His efforts culminated with the release of his debut eponymous EP back in December. Now, the Toronto rapper has shared a new track entitled, "Bouncin," his first release since dropping the project. The song features an instrumental from Montreal duo TNV (2/3 of Planet Giza) that absolutely slaps. It's easy to see why the rapper opted to stray away from his own production this time around.

"In the past, I've tried to only rap on shit I've produced myself," explains WISE over email, "but after hearing this beat on TNV's snap story, I knew I had to get on it. The kicks and 808s are stereos which you don't hear too often. This track is for anyone who puts in work all week just to stunt on the weekends."

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