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Surge Soda Has Returned to 'Feed the Rush' Once Again

Now you can track down a six-pack of Surge and relive your caffeinated childhood glory days.

by Scott Masters Pierce
Sep 9 2015, 6:02pm

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This week, Coca-Cola brought their discontinued 90s soda Surge back to life, and another generation of middle schoolers are about to go fucking nuts.

The caffeinated Mountain Dew rival disappeared 12 years ago, but Coke has decided to bring the citrus soda back to grocery stores after an internet-only, limited-run sale of Surge six-packs sold like crazy last year, according to CNN.

Coke presumably discontinued Surge due to dwindling sales after parents discovered that the soda a) wasn't particularly healthy and b) turned pre-teens into amped up lunatics like a kid's version of flakka. Now, those kids are all grown up, and their nostalgia-driven longing for the iridescent drink caused them to wipe out Amazon's entire supply of $14 12-packs last year.

If you feel a great swelling of desire to track down a can and relive your childhood glory days, you can find the soda on shelves in the Midwest and the South. And if you're doomed to live in one of those states that doesn't happen to sell Surge yet but crave the green fizzy nectar, don't worry—Amazon's got you covered.