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Watch Bon Iver Perform Their New Track “8 (Circle)” on Jimmy Fallon

Watch it and weep wet, salty tears of joy.

by Noisey Staff
Sep 15 2016, 2:09pm

​For a while, it felt like Bon Iver would never return. Justin Vernon, his delicately fascinating and tonal voice that sits somewhere between robotic and transcendent only ever appearing each time Kanye West released a new record. The rest of the band, breathing, doing whatever it is the members of Bon Iver do when they're not creating vessels for carrying listeners emotions into comfort. But they're back, with new album "22, A Million" to be released on September 30 and to once again narrate the latest heartbreak or personal development that's entered our collective life.

Last night Bon Iver took to Jimmy Fallon to perform "8 (Circle)", a track from the new record. And damn, it is beautiful. This is music that deserves a thousand nuanced words, not a few sentences above a video, so just go ahead and listen to it already and weep wet, salty tears of joy over your keyboard. Bon Iver are back, baby! They're back!

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