Holy Shit

Do People Play Pokémon Go Anymore? Who Knows, but This New Theme Song Is a Staryu Spectacle

It's by the guy who sang the original Pokémon TV series theme song.

by Phil Witmer
Oct 5 2016, 4:46pm

Pokémon Go took over the world this past summer. People did very stupid things while playing it. Other people, just as stupid, wondered if the mobile game would result in the death of civilization. These are also the same edgelords who felt that Kim Kardashian West "deserved" to be robbed at gunpoint. In any case, the buzz around Go has subsided considerably, but with the Sun and Moon versions of the main Pokémon games on the horizon, why not record and release an unofficial theme song for the still fairly popular Go? That's what Jason Paige, the singer of the immortal theme for the first season of the 90s Pokémon TV series, has decided to do.

Paige's tribute song, entitled "Catch the World with a Throw," is a techno-metal rager with a video that finds the singer extolling the virtues (heh) of Pokémon Go (or, as Paige puts it, "GO!!!!!") while holding his smartphone dramatically. CGI first-generation Pokémon float by, as well. It's... a very enthusiastic production, pretty cheesy but also very endearing to see someone so integral to this generation's collective nostalgia align themselves with the game that's harnessed it to the highest level. Watch "Catch the World with a Throw" below.

Phil once thought Lugia was the coolest Gen-2 legendary but he came around to Suicune instead. He's on Twitter.