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Photo Diary: Skrillex

What a momentous weekend with Sonny looks like.

Jul 3 2014, 9:35pm

I met Skrillex a few years ago when he played the notorious Toronto weekly called Bassmentality. Just last month Sonny took over the city for a whole weekend with his Mothership Tour. Throughout the two days, Sonny played a wild after party at The Hoxton and surprised everybody with a last minute secret set at Cherry Beach. He invited me to tag along with his crew and all I have to say is I will never forget the set he played that night. Here is a collection of photos to showcase how the weekend went down.

On our way to the beach. Sonny is probably watching a Yung Lean video.

Christian from HUGSNOTDRUGS leads the way through the trees.

Parked and ready to go. That OWSLA jacket though!

Coast is clear. Let's go.

A regular Sunday evening at Cherry Beach. Things are about to change.

Sonny gets ready to make local history.

People get ready for it.

The calm before the storm.

Sonny starts playing the most incredible tech house set and people went completely mental.

I have first row seats for this and I can't believe my luck!

Good vibes all around.

All about DJ Snake's smiley cameo on this one, can you spot him?!

"Alright, everybody put your hands in the air one more time, like this, like this!" Drops "Africa" to close his set.

Skrill hugs for ya'll!

Couldn't end my diary without a shot from the Mothership tour! "Give yourself a round of applause everybody!"

Photography by: THESUPERMANIAK

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