Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Discuss Donald Trump's Fixation with Obama

The VICELAND hosts break down the president's recent 'FOX & Friends' interview.

by Sarah Bellman
Mar 1 2017, 3:28pm

Trump's America is pretty comparable to elementary school—and that's not just some random harsh dig. When Trump visited FOX & Friends recently, the trio of hosts asked the president to grade his performance on a scale of A through F.

Looking past the fact that this was a ridiculous way to discuss such a nuanced political position, President Trump decided to grade himself on a bit of a sliding scale, blaming the public (and Obama's people) for his C performance and saying that he was really an A student at heart.

But this wasn't the only schoolroom antic that took place in the interview. Trump also decided to point the finger at Obama—who has recently been enjoying a nice vacation—for all of our country's woes. Sure, Trump is jealous of the cool politician doing cool things, but it's time to own up and take on his share of the responsibility. At this rate, nobody would want to have Trump on a team for a group project.

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