Audien’s Round Trip with ASOT

Dabbling in some of the biggest labels around, the progressive trance star has finally found his spotlight.

Oct 2 2014, 12:00am

The electronic music scene has experienced a vast influx of young producers breaking into the big labels across different genres. It has become the norm to be under the drinking age yet simultaneously perform in front of thousands of people at clubs and festivals worldwide.

At 22, Audien is fresh into the scene and already making waves. He was inspired to make music though Armin van Buuren's radio show A State of Trance and later produced hit releases under the Armada imprint, Zouk Recordings. Life became busy for Audien after his big break with Anjunabeats. This year he played his very first ASOT event in Utrecht, Holland bringing his career into a full circle.

"The whole genre at the time was much clearer, but now all the sounds are blending in together. You don't really want to produce specifically for labels anyway. Now it's all about whatever you want to make. If whatever I make has a label fit for that sound, that will be the label I send it to," he said.

Although he was discovered through labels like Enhanced Recordings and Zouk, Nate has found his sweet spot with Anjunabeats, where there is more congruence to the sound he's interested in.

"I knew after I conquered the whole Armada thing that I wanted to make an Anjunabeats track. The first major release was "Eventide" and from there I released "Wayfarer," followed by "Iris" and "Hindsight." Everything started to blow up after that," he explained. "I now have a consistent release schedule with Anjunabeats, which is at least a couple of tracks a year."

This young star loves to play college parties. He is very fond of the young Canadian crowd as they're very open minded and accepting of his style.

"I like playing college parties because the crowd is usually really up for it! For me those are my favourite types of parties, [where] the crowd goes crazy no matter what you play, which is great because I like to play a lot of different shit," he says.

I couldn't help but compliment Nate on his fresh sneakers and stylish looking clothes. He says he's a consumer at heart and hopes that one day he'll get into fashion design, "I think music and fashion go hand in hand as they're both an expression of one's self. The way I'm specific about my music, I'm [also specific] about my clothes," he added.

I mentioned I've spoken to other DJs from Connecticut and Nate was taken by surprise.

"The scene there is almost non-existent. I like that, because I enjoy coming home to something that isn't EDM," he said. "It gives me the opportunity to have some alone time where I can find new music in my bedroom, instead of going out to parties all the time. If Connecticut had a huge scene I would feel obligated to go every event," he tells me.

Audien has achieved quite a lot in the short amount of time he's been active in the scene, but things will only get bigger for him. His humble approach to producing has proven very effective in the past and it will continue to impress for the future.

Ani discovered Audien's music in Ferry Corsten's Gatecrasher Sheffield compilation CD. For more about trance music follow him on Twitter @AniHajderaj.

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