Fly To the Future With Loud Luxury and Dreamkast's "Sweet N' Low"

Deep and decidedly danceable, “SNL” will please both old school house heads and new age dance aficionados alike.

by Jesse Champagne
Jan 22 2015, 10:05pm

While 2014 may have seen the meteoric rise of "future house" music, few-if any-producers truly pushed the sound into the "future." Although there were certainly several artists that achieved breakout success, the vast majority of songs to bear the moniker were imitative, unoriginal, and downright repetitive. Enter Loud Luxury, a London-based duo who has already played alongside industry heavyweights like Tchami, Skrillex, and Zeds Dead. Together they have teamed up with Ben Pall and Marcus Terrana, also known as, Dreamkast, to bring you their newest offering, "Sweet N' Low."

Loud Luxury has previously received heavy support from future house bigwig Oliver Heldens, and after one listen to "Sweet N' Low" it's easy to see why. While several cliché jokes about the title instantly spring to mind, the song is actually good enough that we can avoid the tired puns. Deep, dank, and decidedly danceable, "SNL" is a fun and funky jam that should please both old school house heads and new age dance aficionados alike. In the London duo's own words, the song is "fusion of modern house music with a unique sound." After personally listening to the track multiple times over the past few hours, I couldn't agree more.

Loud Luxury is on Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud

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