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​Dolby Will Make Their Foray Into Clubbing with a Massive Speaker System at Ministry of Sound

The London nightclub is the first to try out their 60-speaker, 22-channel Atmos surround-sound system.

by THUMP Staff
Dec 3 2015, 9:04pm

Dolby announced last week that they were planning to take their surround-sound technology from the movie theater to the dancefloor. Now the San Francisco-based audio giant has found a home for its club-ready Atmos system, and it happens to be one of dance music's most iconic institutions: London's Ministry of Sound.

What does this mean for club goers? Well, as THUMP's own Glenn Jackson explained last week, it offers a new way of experiencing sound, one that goes beyond traditional channel-based audio and left-right stereo technology. "This means that sound can appear anywhere along the left-to-right and front-to-back axes, and also at different heights within the audio field," he said. It's changed the way we experience big-budget action movies in particular.

"It allows creative sound designers to place the overwhelming thrust of a helicopter propeller or the first rumblings of an oncoming avalanche actually above the viewer, further immersing them in a perceived physical reality that reinforces the one shown on screen." Because who wouldn't want Richie Hawtin to sound like Guardians of the Galaxy?

Dolby will outfit Ministry of Sound's main room with a 60-speaker, 22-channel sound system in January. Then they'll kick off a series of events meant to showcase the system's three-dimensional moving field of sound, starting with a January 23rd gig with legendary drum 'n' bass label Hospital Records. The featured artists—London Elektricity, Reso and TC—have prepared sets that are mixed especially for the surround sound format.

Check out Ministry of Sound's homepage for more info on upcoming dates.

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