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Help Make This Minimoog Lego Set A Reality

Your vote can help get these classic synths into LEGO stores

by Joshua Glazer
Oct 28 2015, 5:41pm

In the history of electronic music, no single synthesizer is more recognizable than the infamous Minimoog. Created in 1970 by Bob Moog, the portable analog synth was a breakthrough for musicians who couldn't afford a room full of modular synth gear, or who wanted to take these instruments on the road. Today, the original Minimoog, and it's early 2000 re-issue, the Moog Voyager, are still staples in the scene, which is what makes these LEGO replicas so enticing.

Designed by LEGO and music lover Andy Grobengieser, the set depicts the classic Minimoog Model D and newer Moog Voyager "Old School Edition." It was built using various LEGO Builder pieces, which makes it one of a kind. But there is a chance that the kit could actually come packaged for sale if it gets enough support on LEGO's Ideas community, which allows builders to submit their ideas for voting.

Any set that gets 10,000 user votes in a year (and gets approved by lego) will actually become available from LEGO. Could this be the start of an entire LEGO synth series? Could your holiday shopping for Xmas 2017 be on its way to completion?

Hop over to the the LEGO Ideas site and give this awesome synth set a vote.

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