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St Vincent Was Weird and Wonderful on 'Colbert' Last Night

See her perform "New York" and "Los Ageless" as her album release date looms closer.

by Lauren O'Neill
Oct 5 2017, 2:33pm

There are now just eight days to go until St Vincent releases her fifth album MASSEDUCTION. I am very excited indeed. So too, apparently, is Stephen Colbert, who hosted her on Wednesday night's Late Show. Introducing her performance of first single "New York," he gave his best Switched On Dad ("I just love her music!"), before acquiescing the stage to Annie Clark and "New York," the sweet, salty ballad that kicked off her album campaign back in July.

Performing in front of a lime green curtain between some be-lipsticked jaws, she gave a rare vocal-only performance (I do kinda miss the guitar, to be honest), slowing the track down and replacing its many "motherfuckers" with "other suckers" for a TV audience. It was, of course, lovely.

Happily, however, that wasn't all Clark had to offer. As a web exclusive, she also performed "Los Ageless" (for which she also released a music video earlier this week), featuring some disembodied legs stretching out and flexing in knee-high boots. See that below, and "New York" above, and think about how much the human race is going to level up on Friday 13 October when MASSEDUCTION is finally born of St Vincent's beautiful robot loins and brain.

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