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Bow Wow on Beating Lonzo Ball in 3-Point Contest: 'I Don't Train and I Smoke Weed'

Bow Wow can't stop bragging about taking one game vs. Lonzo in a recent best of three.
March 13, 2018, 4:31pm
Screenshot via TMZ Sports

Remember Bow Wow—minus the Lil? The scrappy former child rapper and star of Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift as well as CSI: Cyber, whatever that is? Yeah, he's still around, and apparently making calls to take on Lonzo Ball in a shooting contest. And beating him.

You don't need to look it up to know Bow Wow is short (the internet will tell you he's 5'7", if you do). The man hits more of the Muggsy Bogues, Isaiah Thomas end of the spectrum. This means he's generally at a disadvantage when shooting threes—there's more distance for the ball to travel without being guided by hand. But that didn't stop him from calling up Lonzo Ball when the Lakers were in his town of Atlanta, and arrange for a shooting contest in his studio. You've probably seen it by now:

It's not clear if the two are on good terms, but maybe not after Bow Wow spoke to TMZ about how Lonzo most certainly didn't let him win the 3-point contest:

"It's the fact that I don't train, I smoke weed, and I make music, and I act," Bow Wow said. "I don't got no time to be training. So the fact that I beat him one time means a lot."

You're... exactly correct, Bow Wow.

There's also a nice moment in there where Bow Wow interacts with a woman selling flowers. Talking shit about beating Lonzo once out of three times and buying every woman at the club a flower so the flower woman can eat. Bow Wow, king of our hearts.

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