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Watch Celine Dion Live Her Best Life in This Ridiculous Fashion Video

Do yourself a favour and get reacquainted with Canada’s kooky aunt.

by Manisha Krishnan
Jul 20 2017, 10:31pm

For a minute there, it felt like we all kinda forgot about Celine Dion.

I mean, obviously she is a major superstar, but for the last decade-ish her signature French-Canadian flamboyance has been mostly contained to Vegas, where she hosts regular performances at Caesars Palace. But if this batshit video posted by Vogue is any indication, Dion is in fine form.

The two-minute video features Canada's kooky aunt being so, so extra in Paris while wearing a variety of haute couture outfits.

It opens with her channeling Marie Antoinette in a pink, full body tutu, singing words I honestly can't make out; later she says "Bring me the big stuff, bring me the big one." In head to toe florals she asks, "Dion? No. Dion" mimicking an anglo pronunciation of her name before she corrects.. herself. "What's for? Couture," she continues, while wrapping a giant wreath of baby's breath around her body. There is no explanation as to what these phrases mean btw. At one point she kind of reminds me of Leo DiCaprio's King Louis XIV from the Man in the Iron Mask.

But the highlight is definitely the clip of her catwalking around a kitchen with a plate of french fries as she's wearing a saran wrap skull cap (??) designed by John Galliano. Seductively, she feeds a single fry to one of the chefs. As Vogue put it, "who else would have the gumption, or shall we say je ne sais quoi, to pull off his deconstructed elegance?" As the piece comes to an end, she takes a bite out of a clay bust.

Today, rumours swirled that Dion, whose husband Rene Angelil died last year, is dating a dude in his 30s. Who knows if it's true or not, but what's clear is this woman is living her best life and I am here for it. Do yourself a favour and watch this right now.

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