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M.I.A. Has a New Track Called "Load 'Em" and It's a Bop

She released the track, with an accompanying video, via her OHMNI website.

by Lauren O'Neill
Aug 24 2017, 2:09pm

Following a very successful run as the curator of this year's Southbank Center Meltdown Festival, M.I.A. has not stopped grinding. She's since released a luxury merch line called OHMNI, and now more new music (she's also recently put out "Goals" and "Finally"), in the shape of "Load 'Em," which you can hear above.

The track premiered via the OHMNI website, and it features dancehall artist Dexta Daps. It's fun and infectious in the vein of what M.I.A. does best, and the accompanying video is weird and off the wall, giving fans all over the world a look into her live show. It's an energetic and large-scale affair, her performance style daring, and the clip as a whole shows just how much her audience engages with her.

Although M.I.A. has released a bunch of new music so far this year, it seems so far that each track is to be treated as a standalone, with no announcements for a new album so far. On the strength of that new music—with "Load Em" as just the latest in a string of excellent and diverse new songs—let's hope that changes soon.

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