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Lana Del Rey Imparts Wisdom to Stevie Nicks, Grimes, and Everyone Else

The sad-pop guru was interviewed by her contemporaries and her influences, including Courtney Love and Kim Kardashian, for 'L'Officiel' magazine.

by Phil Witmer
Feb 7 2018, 4:07pm

It's not every day that a prominent figure in pop music gets to talk to both their heroes and the people who look up to them. Lana Del Rey's legacy goes both ways, so it makes sense that she'd be the centre of a very unique interview conducted by L'Officiel magazine. She fields questions from everyone from Grimes to Stevie Nicks to Courtney Love to Kim Kardashian. Unsurprisingly, a lot of these exchanges are good as hell.

Here's Grimes, Hunter of Hunters, talking to LDR about space and robots:

What do you think about artificial intelligence? Do you think it will be good or bad for humanity?
I think it’s just a natural progression of where technology has been leading to up until now. I think the advancements of AI will be benefits. I don’t think it will get to the point where we are boycotting the robot community because they’ve taken all of our jobs. That said, I did hear that Amazon’s just become the first company to deliver via drone, which I’m very excited but also nervous about, because I’ve had such bad experiences with drones. So, don’t take my word for it.

Would you go to Mars, even if it meant dying there?
Hell to the no! [laughs] Are you kidding? Loco. Who could ever leave the Earth behind?

Here's fellow witch Stevie Nicks, too:

Dear Lana, are we planning on spending the summer in our fantastic apartments in the Hollywood sign?
Stevie! Sweet angel! Yes don’t worry I’ve already began planning the summer but I was thinking we could spend half of our time on that boat we were talking (maybe shoot a video for "Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems.") I was thinking we could kick it off on the Summer Solstice—what do you think?

And this great talk with Courtney Love about sobriety and Trump's idiocy:

What’s your favorite song on Lust for Life?
I like “Coachella,” actually. I put it in the song exactly the way I was thinking about it driving home. I love when I can do that. And for me, it was such a culmination of things: Seeing Father John Misty, being with his wife; realizing there was a real problem with North Korea, that it was an impending, bigger world problem. It was to the point where I did not want to go home after the festival. I stopped at this crazy place called Rim of the World Highway in Lake Arrowhead [California]. I sat there, went to the redwood grove, and really had a moment with myself.

Are you okay with kids knowing you don’t do drugs or drink? I think you should be.
I don’t know yet how I feel about that yet. There’s a reason why people keep certain things private, but at the same time, it is a big part of my life. So, it is what it is.

Look, the whole interview is basically the perfect blend of an important summit on art and life, and also reads like a group of good friends shooting the shit. There are many other talks with people like Kim K, Sean Ono Lennon, BØRNS, and more, so read the entire interview here.

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