Toronto Rental Opportunity: Literally Just a Balcony

It has a “spectacular view of the city.”

by Allison Tierney
May 19 2017, 5:00pm

Image via Craigslist

It's a sad reality that the Toronto housing crisis has gotten to the point where Craigslist posts offering rental options make it impossible to discern if the poster is being earnest or trolling. But here we are: "BALCONY 4 RENT $250 MONTHLY."

Located in the west-end neighbourhood of Parkdale (much like that other apartment with the very-not-private bathroom), this listing boasts a "shared kitchen and washroom," free wifi, and suggests "if u r short for rent, this maybe for u."

Screenshot via Craigslist

The poster claims that the unit is a clean one-bedroom that would be shared with two men in their 30s. According to the post, it has a "spectacular view of the city," which, no shit, it's a balcony in a high-rise apartment building.

It's described as "perfect for some1 seeking short term stay, some1 looking for a place to call home, new comers to Canada."

If you are that someone who is "looking for a place to call home" that is actually just a balcony with some pigeon netting and shared facilities, you can contact the poster, who promises "We'll make this work."

VICE has reached out to the poster to see if the listing is for real, but they have yet to reply.

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