Germany's Demirbay Scored An Absolute Laser of a Goal

Germany and Chile advance to the Confederations Cup Semifinal.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Jun 26 2017, 2:08pm

If you're going to score your first goal for country, you may as well do it with an absurd amount of authority. Germany's Karem Demirbay—a Hoffenheim central midfielder—found himself drowning in a sea of indecisive Cameroonian defenders in today's Group B Confederations Cup group stage final, about 48 minutes in. Demirbay seemed surprised about just how much he could push himself up through it all, and then decided to take a crack at it:

It's almost as if a rig man on an action movie set tied the ball up to a track on a straight line and ripped a pulley as hard as he could—straight to the upper right corner. Hard to be more direct than that.

Demirbay's goal, combined with a couple more from Germany outdid Cameroon's lone goal and knocked them out of the running for the semifinals. Germany and Chile—who tied Australia in a simultaneously scheduled Group B game—both advance to the second-to-last round of the tournament. Germany will play Mexico and Portugal will take on Chile. Exciting stuff.

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