Here Are The Election Ads You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Ever wonder what Trudeau, Harper, and Mulcair ads would look like... on acid?

Oct 14 2015, 9:08pm

Nick DenBoer is a visual graphics mad scientist whose most recent success, The Chickening, is a remix of The Shining in which Kubrick's canonical horror film gets turned into a poultry-themed acid trip nightmare. Anyway, given the ongoing slog of the Canadian election madness we've been reporting on here at VICE Canada, we thought it would be a great palette cleanser to have DenBoer work on some of the most memorable campaign ads (see the original Trudeau and Mulcair ads here) of the Canadian election season.

In conversation with Fucked Up singer Damian Abraham (who plays Tom Mulcair's hairy, tattooed, nipple-tweaking body double) on Daily VICE, DenBoer spoke about why he thought the ads were ripe for satire, "It's like they're spoon feeding you this bullshit... and these have been playing non-stop, getting crammed in our ears, and everyone hates them. It's like, 'Well fuck you, make something we can digest and respect instead of these, ridiculous church ads.'"

Stephen Harper

Justin Trudeau

Tom Mulcair

For more of Nick DenBoer's work, check his YouTube and Twitter.

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