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Yes, There’s Already Erotic Fiction Loosely Based on Canada’s Hot New Prime Minister

Serving the Prime Minister: A Canadian Romance is the sexy story about Prime Minister Dustin Waterhole that you never knew you never wanted.

by Mack Lamoureux
Oct 30 2015, 8:36pm

The cover of the greatest prime minister-related fan fiction written to date. Photo via Amazon

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Justin Trudeau has yet to officially assume the position of prime minister, and already it's clear that we are in for a second wave of Trudeaumania. Case in point, Sam Shiver's new novella, Serving the Prime Minister: A Canadian Romance.

Indeed it seems that Shiver has tapped into something Canadian literary buffs didn't know they wanted, let alone needed: Canadian political erotica.

Shiver is the author of such under-the-radar classics as Slave of the Quicksand Monster and Hypnotized by the Magician's Sex Show, but this nine-page rushed-to-e-book tale, released just days after Trudeau was elected, has the potential to be her opus.

It's already earned a rave review on Amazon, entitled "It puts the "SEX" in Sussex Drive"!

"I hope to see more erotic Prime Minister literature such as this. The sex scenes alone are enough to make me readily accept a hike in GST....," the review said.

Serving the Prime Minister: A Canadian Romance opens with our narrator Shawn—a tired yet resilient young aide for the Leaf Party—contemplating the fact that his handsome party leader will soon be the prime minister. That handsome leader is Dustin Waterhole, the kind of man who can make more than just the polls rise.

What follows is a tale of missed connections and general longing and countless references to the awesomeness of Waterhole's hair, all of which (spoiler alert) culminates in some seriously graphic sex between the soon-to-be PM and his aide.

"Seems like you're a hit with the ladies." I looked over at him - I was no judge of other dudes, but he did have a handsome face and a strong chin. I knew he worked out - there was some charity thing last year where he had taken off his shirt and it had made the front of the newspapers with his abs. "Maybe it is your hair." I winked.

He laughed, easily and naturally. "Remind me why I keep you around?" he joked. I looked over at him, his blue eyes twinkling like crystal pools. I felt some surge of emotion flutter up in my chest, something I couldn't place, amplified by the beer.

Before I could gather my thoughts, our lips were locked.

Shiver could very well be an author who truly understands the repressed passion of the people inhabiting the Great White North. Through this lens, Serving the Prime Minister holds up a mirror up to our nation's very soul, revealing our submissive relationship with our government and the inherent beauty of that arrangement.

Or maybe it's just a book about getting fucked in the ass by a hot prime minister.

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