A Pro-ISIS Group Hacked an Ontario Food Truck’s Website to Say ‘I Love Jihad’

Spoiler: 'Wiches Cauldron loves to make sandwiches, does not actually love jihad.

Jun 24 2015, 8:56pm

The 'Wiches Cauldron food truck in action. Photo courtesy 'Wiches Cauldron

"I am Muslim & I love Jihad" was probably not the message people were expecting when they went to the website of Stittsville, ON food truck 'Wiches Cauldron on Wednesday, but it's the one they got.

For some reason, a group called Team System DZ hacked the food truck's website to display a pro-ISIS message declaring, "Islamic State List to restore the rights of Muslims who have been killed by your governments savage and unjust."

Craig Beaudry, chef and co-owner of 'Wiches Cauldron, said he also has no idea why the group chose his business' website. "I don't know how to tie in radical Islam to a food truck in Stittsville," he said bemusedly. "Zero idea. I don't even think there can be a motive."

This is not the first time Team System DZ has hacked seemingly random websites in Canada: in October, the group took down the University of New Brunswick students' union's site with a similar message. The group's reasoning for that defacement appears to have been that Parliament had voted to join in on airstrikes in Syria six days prior. So far, no such reasoning has been made public about today's hack.

Screenshot of 'Wiches Cauldron's website

Several sources claim Team System DZ is a group of "anti-Israeli Arab teenagers," while CBC reported in October that the group is "part of an Algerian Technology News Website committed to spreading the perspective of Arab youth peacefully." The group's (current) Facebook page offers few clues.

The defacement of the UNB site lasted just a few hours, but curious spectators likely have a few days to check out DZ's latest work. Beaudry said he's talking to police right now and won't get around to working with his developer on getting the site back up until after that progresses.

A request for comment sent to the Team System DZ email address displayed on the 'Wiches Cauldron website has so far gone unanswered.

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