You Have One Hour to Pay What You Want for Wolf Eyes’ Music on Bandcamp

All sales will be donated to charities representing marginalized groups.

Nov 10 2016, 8:44pm

Photo by Alivia Zivich

In the somber wake of this week's presidential election comes a way for people to support the arts and marginalized groups.

Detroit noise band Wolf Eyes announced yesterday that they were implementing a pay-what-you-want plan for most of their music catalog on digital retail site bandcamp. Sales will be donated to various charities as a show of the group's solidarity to "its sisters, people of color, LGBTQ, the disabled, the poor, and all of our freaks out there experiencing systemic oppression under the white straight male order," band manager Forest Juziuk wrote on his personal Facebook page.

Juziuk also wrote, "Although many hear Wolf Eyes as an 'end of the world' band, and surely it feels that way for many, our hope is that it too can be some light in the darkness."

The message was posted yesterday at 10:45 AM PST, so that leaves fans roughly one hour to take advantage of the deal and support many people and groups in the process. Read the entire note below, and head to Wolf Eyes' bandcamp here.

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