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As Noo-Bap puts it: "People are gonna have sex to this."

by Julia Martineau
Apr 23 2015, 7:08pm

Given the illegible title of Noo-Bap's recent release, ??? - ??? – ???????????????????? ?? it's obvious that the Montreal-based producer is a man of few words.

Noo-Bap, or Erik Leduc, became a fixture on the city's electronic scene thanks to a successful weekly called MELT MTL, which he formerly co-ran with fellow artists Cozy and Nick Wisdom. Since then, Leduc has performed at Piknic Electronik and released remixes for The Celestics. His music dabbles in a variety of styles, hopping from future beats to ambient house. Each of his mixes are well thought out and deliver smooth, soulful touches flush with a polished sound.

This week's Northmix is comprised of a warm, melodic arrangement of tracks that Leduc loves at the moment. The mix is a basket full of songs perfect for listeners to zone out and groove to, or as Leduc puts it: "People are gonna have sex to this."

Noo-Bap is on Twitter // SoundCloud // Facebook

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