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Jason Hatcher "Must Be Going Crazy," Doesn't Remember Suggesting Ref Bias Based on Washington's Racist Name

Jason Hatcher doesn't remember causing a shitstorm with talk about referee bias.
November 25, 2015, 8:15pm

#Redskins Jason Hatcher with the best poker face I've ever seen w/ @ParkerSports pic.twitter.com/pFxhLrw52B
— Carol Maloney (@carolmaloney4) November 25, 2015

On Sunday, Washington lost to the Carolina Panthers in a lopsided affair with several calls going against the Snyder Men. After the game, defensive end Jason Hatcher all but accused the referees of showing bias in their officiating as a sort of punishment for the team's blatantly racist name. Today, reporters met with Hatcher to follow up on his comments from four days ago and, man, Hump Day, am I right?

When asked, Hatcher said "I don't even know why we're on this subject, what's going on with the team name?" After some further, gentle prodding from a reporter, Hatcher doubled down: "I don't remember. I don't remember that. Must be going crazy, I don't remember." OK, Jason!

There are three ways to digest this. First, Jason Hatcher actually forgot about the huge news story he sparked and the controversy surrounding the Washington name in general. Alternatively, Hatcher realized he caused a whole big controversy and is now pretending it didn't happened. Or lastly, since this is Washington and Dan Snyder we are talking about, someone from the front office spoke to Hatcher and asked him to tone down or walk back his comments and this is what they came up with.