This LeBron Chasedown Block is an Apt Metaphor For How the Cavs Handled the Pacers 4-0

So close. Yet so 'fuck no' at the same time.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Apr 24 2017, 2:21pm

There was a load of shit-talk happening in the lead-up to the defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers' round one series against the No. 7 Indiana Pacers. Their pre-playoffs slump was ugly and, despite being in a weak-ass conference, they lost out on their No. 1 spot. It looked like the Pacers stood a chance to dethrone them. (Heck, even I was saying that the Cavs were lucky to eke out their first game.) But here comes Basketball Incarnate himself, Mr. LeBron James, to remind you that the Pacers didn't stand a fucking chance.

Yup, despite the fact that the Cavs only won their series by a cumulative 16 points across all four games, they always seemed to be just a couple of steps behind the Pacers, ready to swat the shit out of them. And thanks to this wonderful micro example of a greater macro theme, we now have a video of The King himself, chasing down some poor sorry sap (Thaddeus Young, in this instance) and outright denying him the joy of two points. Such is the way with playing the Cavaliers. So close. Yet so 'fuck no' at the same time.

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