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A Bad Review of Jamie xx Prompts DJ Tanner Ross to Send Homophobic Tweets to a Resident Advisor Writer

Has this guy heard what happened to Ten Walls?

by Zel McCarthy
Jun 18 2015, 6:38pm

If there is one album that has polarized critics more than most this summer, it's In Colour by Jamie xx. Some loved it, some didn't. Resident Advisor's North American editor, Andrew Ryce, belonged to the latter category, calling the album "uneven" and "rarely as profound or as meaningful as it tries to be" in a fair and thoughtful critique earlier this month.

Tanner Ross, a Boston-based house DJ known for his work released through Dirtybird and other reputable imprints, disagreed with Ryce's review. He chose to express his disagreement on Twitter with some obscenely choice words that epitomize sexual harassment:

And then:

Without response from Ryce, Ross continued to tweet, making obscene, mockingly sexual and unexpectedly personal references to Ryce, in what could only be construed as an attempt to goad him into a response through homophobia:

Ryce did eventually respond by sharing screenshots Ross's tweets, which he had also reported to Twitter for TOS violations, but to no avail.

Ross subsequently deleted some of the offending tweets (though not the first) and denied being a homophobe.

Regardless of what you think about Jamie xx, it seems that the verdict on Ross may be in, and fully in colour too.

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