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Deep Dubstep Stalwarts Truth Expand Their Sound into House and Beat Scene on 'The Ark' EP

The Kiwi-Californian duo's upcoming release on Firepower shows bassheads a couple new takes on deep.
March 16, 2015, 9:13pm

Kiwi-Californian deep dubstep act Truth have operated at the the progressive tip of bass music since Mala scooped them up for a Digital Mystikz release in 2007. They've gone about their sound with such a studied focus that you'd be tempted to believe that the rest of the bass scene was running a whole different race. Now, almost a decade after their debut and with releases on Tempa, SMOG, Artikal, and Shogun under their belt, Truth have returned to the home of their 2014 album Hollow World, Datsik's Firepower Recordings, with a six-track EP titled The Ark.

The majority of the album is quintessential Truth – Deep, dark, atmospheric dubstep that bristles with bassweight. "We're just ourselves, straight up. We make what we want to at the time," the duo tell THUMP. "We're not trying to tick any boxes, the music we make reflects the way we are feeling then and there"

Keeping it real and keeping it deep has always come naturally to the duo. They operate with a near zen-like understanding of their own place in the scene. "The deep side of the dubstep spectrum is always going to keep it steady," they explain. "What we've done is keep doing our own thing, in the belief and knowledge that lots of people out there are digging deeper as well. They have to work harder to get to their goal, but once they find it, they are loyal for life! Those are the people we really want to connect with more than anything, because they really do appreciate it."

Although Truth are one of the acts most closely associated with deepness-in-bass, The Ark finds them making a rare sojourn into other sounds. "Berlin," for example, is an Ibiza-ready house tune, whereas "Come to Mind" featuring Lejjlveld is a beat scene classic that wouldn't seem out of sorts at Low End Theory.

It turns out that label head Datsik was behind the duo's expanded approach. "We're always making lots of music and experimenting, but then can be quite strict on ourselves as far as what we end up finishing. With those two tunes we were just like 'fuck it,' and let the track take itself in whatever direction it was going. It's totally refreshing and uplifting to just step out of a mold. We hadn't really considered those tracks for release until sitting down with Datsik and playing him every unreleased track we had made. He loved those tracks in particular and really wanted to see them on the release, so of course we obliged!"

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