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The Best Music of the Past Week, Featuring Skatebård, Lunice, and Oneohtrix Point Never

If 2017 could be judged on music alone, then this year is already looking up.

by Angus Harrison
Jan 6 2017, 4:29pm

Photo via flickr. This post ran originally on THUMP UK.

Well folks, 2016, the year you tweeted so oft about with shaken fist, is finally over and 2017, it's even more unpredictable sequel is here. Now, we're not ones to get involved in regional politics or climate change or the remorseless ebb and flow of globalization, so we'll just say if this year is to be judged so far on the merit of its music, then everything is going to be okay. This last week we've been treated to Juju & Jordash spinning some mellow magic, a genuinely standout track from Skatebård, a sample from the most recent Opal Tapes compilation, and a free download from Lunice via LuckyMe's advent calendar. There's a Dekmantel mix from Detroit stalwart K-HAND, FACT just re-upped Oneohtrix Point Never's classic 2010 mix for them and while, yes, we are supposed to be looking forward, there's no harm in indulging Tim Sweeney's best of 2016 Beats in Space special which just went up. Happy New Year guys! Good vibes only in 2017!

1. Juju & Jordash - Monday Mellow

2. Skatebård - AGFACHROME RSX II

3. Patricia - Static Scene

4. Lunice - One Question

5. K-HAND - Dekmantel Podcast 103

6. Oneohtrix Point Never - FACT Mix 162

7. Tim Sweeney - BIS Best of 2016

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