Wahono’s “Necksnaps” is a Frenetic Fusion of Southeast Asian and African Traditions

The Jakarta native pulls inspiration from Bollywood to the Congo in his new ‘MJR001’ EP.

Mar 17 2017, 9:33pm

Photo courtesy of the label

Brooklyn label Maddjazz Recordings is launching with the debut EP from Jakarta-raised, New York-based producer Wahono.

A recent graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, Wahono tells THUMP over email that his Abandoned Hi-Hats EP is the culmination of recordings and audio collections created over the three years he spent bouncing between school, New York City, and his hometown. "On this record," he says, "you are hearing a broad medium of sounds, from samples ripped off YouTube, random phone recordings, manipulated pedal boards, drum machine performance, and spontaneous keyboard-playing. "

"Necksnaps," Wahono continues, is "an attempt to mold South-East Asian and African nuances into an intense and frantic piece." Inspired by traditions from Congolese chants to the trance rituals of Bali's Kecak dance, the producer pieces together a raw-edged, mean-mugging beat packed with rapid fire percussion, subterranean bass, and what the producer calls "Bollywood-influenced" flair.

Listen to Wahono's "Necksnaps" below and keep an eye on Maddjazz Recordings here.

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