Thriftworks Kicks Off Lucidity Festival with This Future Bass Mix

It's like a whole transformational gathering in one mix!

Apr 9 2015, 5:13pm

Oakland producer Thriftworks has carved out a niche for himself in the swirled out space between hip hop and bass. Real name: J.Atlas, Thriftworks, raised in Pennsylvania, has toured with Bassnectar and STS9, leading to a chock-full schedule of dates around the world. This weekend, though, will be a special one for the long-haired bass dropper, as he headlines Lucidity Festival in California.

While many will be donning their flower crowns and heading to the desert for Coachella, Lucidity offers a headier route as a transformational outside of Santa Barbara with workshops and healers and culture, oh my. Still, that didn't stop Thriftworks from cheekily dropping some Bieber on this mix in addition to tons of originals, Kendrick Lamar, and Russ Liquid.

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1: TW-unreleased
2: TW-Tinkerbell Heat
3: Russ Liquid x TW- unreleased
4: Kendrick Lamar: Money Trees
5: TW-Ghost Hustler
6: TW- My Clothes
8: TW- Reggie Interlude
9:TW- Heavy Tickle
10: Justin Beiber- All That Matters
11: TW-Rumor Has It
12: TW- unreleased Waka Flaka Flipa
13: TW: unreleased Ricky Rose Flip
14: TW ft. Mythicalifornian- Seismic Turf
15: Russ Liquid x TW- Wrist Wrist Wrist

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