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This Maryland Soccer Throw-In Bucket Is Easily the Best of March 'Madness' So Far

Now ​that​, my friends, is real madness.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Mar 20 2017, 2:36pm

Oh, did you think there was only one tournament going on right now? Yeah, while you're out there believing that March is synonymous with the men's tournament, crying about your brackets, you were sleeping on the real Big Dance: the Women's Basketball Championship. While the tourney doesn't adopt your petty, qualifying moniker of "Madness," it has certainly yielded the best gem so far this month.

Today No 3. seed Maryland just about curb stomped No. 6 seed West Virginia with a final score of 83-56, and were dominating them in all aspects of the game. And so when the clock was ticking down before half, with the Terrapins up 38-24, there really was no need for Maryland freshman Destiny Slocum's long-bomb, whisper-of-a-hope, soccer-throw-in shot to go in. But it did anyway, completing a 3/4 court journey straight to the net. Now that, my friends, is real madness.